# Is there a charge for installing or using the extension?

There is no subscription fee for installing or using the QuickCover® extension. You only pay the dealer cost for the plans sold through your store.

# How will my company be charged?

As part of setting up your account, you will be asked to provide bank information that we will use to debit funds. Each week we invoice and process payments for the plans you sell during the prior week. Note that we debit only the dealer cost for these plans, and if there have been any approved cancellations during the week, those will be credited against this week's invoice.

# Are plans priced based on the selling price of the merchandise or MSRP?

The price offered to customers is based on the current selling price on your site.

# Can customers cancel their QuickCover® plan?

We understand that, as with any purchase, a customer may change their mind and want a refund. It is important to remember that the terms and conditions of the QuickCover® plan govern how and when a customer can cancel their purchase of a plan. Each customer is provided a chance to view this document before purchase and receives a copy after purchase.

Generally, cancellation requests made within 30 days of purchase are honored and carry a full refund of the purchase price.

Beyond 30 days, several factors are considered relative to the cancellation request and any refund, including:

  • In most cases, the refund amount will be prorated for the remaining term of the contract.
  • If a claim has been paid against the contract, it will reduce the refund amount, and it is possible no refund will be paid.
  • If a claim has been filed but not yet paid, the cancellation request will be evaluated once the claim has been settled.

# How often do prices change?

Plan prices are generally relatively stable, although they are reviewed occasionally to ensure they reflect the frequency and expense of claims made against the plans. Such reviews may result in prices being raised or lowered. When we make pricing changes, we will email notices before the prices take effect.

Because prices are returned to your store dynamically, no modification of your site or product catalog is needed in the event prices change.